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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Having problems with the color picker?

You can try compatability mode if you are using Internet Explorer or use another browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Q: Why do I have to login with my Facebook account?

To avoid having to paste new code to your site(s) everytime you update I have to know who you are, Facebook offers an easy way to handle that.

Q: Is it safe?


Q: Is it awesome?

Yes. :)

Q: Where can I post my word meter?

Post to your NaNo forum signature, your blog, website, or any site that supports HTML.

Q: How many word meters can I create?

As many as you want!

Q: How do I update my word count?

Login to the word meter website, change your current word count, then click "Update".

Q: Do I have to re-paste the code each time I update my meter?

No! Updating the meter on the main site also updates the meter anywhere you have posted it. Share the meter with your friends and fans, then update your word count with one simple click.

Q: How does it work?

The code you paste checks to find the information about your meter at this site then passes it along to google to make an image. Once you update here every site you pasted the code to will know about it automatically. You can even share your code with other people now.

Q: Can I change the colors on my word meter?

Yes, the colors on your word meter are customizable at any time, whether you are creating a new meter or redesigning a current one. Simply click "Design" on the right hand side of the word meter interface. This will take you to a design screen where you can change the colors. Create a solid color background or use up to 3 different colors. Experiment with the "rotate background" feature to change the location of the 3 background colors.

Q: How do I make a new word meter?

Scroll down to the "create new" box, fill in your information and click "Create". This will take you to the design interface where you can customize your colors and information. Simple as that!

Q:Can I change the shape of the word meter?

At this time, the rectangular shape of the meter is the only option available.

Q: How about the font?

Again, that is not a customizable option at this time. You can, however, add capital letters to make your author name or title stand out.

Q: Do I have to list an Author?

No. Simply leave the Author bar blank and the word meter will shrink to make room for the title only.

Q: What are the 'progress bar' and 'progress empty' colors for?

'Progress Empty' is the color that indicates how much of your word count is left to complete. 'Progress bar' indicates how much of your total word count is complete. Make sure to pick colors that are different enough to show your progress as you update your word count!

Q: What if I am having trouble with my word meter? Is there someone I can contact for help?

You can go to my main website at http://www.sarracannon.com and click on the "Contact Me" page. Fill out the form with your contact info and question and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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